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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will you put the wood?

We will stack it wherever you like, within reason. If your place is very far, an additional fee will apply. See our Terms and Conditions.

How fast can I get my wood?

Delivery times vary, but during peak season (wintertime, holidays/events) it may be as long as 7-10 days.

What kind of places do you deliver to?

We deliver to a wide variety of locations in the Austin area, including restaurants, food trucks, homes, weddings, hotels, conventions, BBQ cook-offs, and more. Call us to see how we can supply your home or business with firewood!

How much wood is in a cord?

As indicated on our front page, a full cord is one row of split firewood cut into 16-20" lengths and stacked 4' high by 16' long. This results in a stack of wood that is 64 square feet as measured along the cut face surface area (or 96 cubic feet in volume on average). We measure our cords this way for several reasons:

1. Most firewood rack companies (including Woodhaven, the most respected firewood rack manufacturer out there which has produced racks for almost 20 years) sell racks according to these dimensions. For example, Woodhaven offers a rack with "log capacity: 1 full cord" that has measurements of 4' tall by 16' wide, which is exactly what we provide;
2. Our firewood suppliers sell their product according to these dimensions; and
3. The other local firewood delivery services also measure their product this way.

We are familiar with one common definition of a cord which is 4' high by 4' deep by 8' long, or 128 cubic feet in volume. To avoid confusion, we do not offer this quantity on our website. If you would like a quote for 128 cubic feet of firewood, please give us a call at 512-659-8548.

What size are the wood pieces?

The pieces are approximately 16-20 inches long and 4-6 inches wide.

Should I tip the delivery people?

Please do tip our firewood deliverers. Although it is not required, it is very much appreciated. They might make delivering look easy, but it is hard work! A 1/2 cord of seasoned firewood can weigh around 1 ton!

What kind of wood will I receive?

You will receive seasoned post oak or live oak hardwood, both of which are suitable for indoor fireplace use. If you specifically require one or the other just let us know when you order!

What other types of wood do you sell?

In addition to post oak and live oak, we also sell pecan and mesquite. If you would like pecan or mesquite let us know when you order.

Do you just stack the wood and leave?

Nope! We stack the wood, clean up after ourselves with a broom and dustpan, and close your gates behind us! We want to leave your house as clean as it was upon our arrival.

What does "seasoned" mean?

Simply put, "seasoned" means "dried out". Freshly cut, or "green", firewood can have up to 50% water content which means it won't burn in your fireplace or cooker. The firewood must be set out to season (dry out) until the water content gets down below 20%.

I had a great experience with Austin Firewood. Where should I leave a good review?

We love giving you a good experience. If you're happy too and would like to put in a good word for us, just search for "Austin Firewood" using Google or on and leave us a review. We greatly appreciate it!

What is the best way to store/keep my firewood?

Storing your firewood in a firewood rack is one of the best ways to go. Keeping the wood off the ground in a rack provides for good air circulation around the wood, which allows for continued seasoning and keeps moisture at bay. Visit the Rack section of our website to check out the options and place an order! The racks come with a cover which always keeps the top part of your wood stack protected from weather and ready to use.

Did you know?

  • There are over 40 million fireplaces in the U.S.

  • The use of woods as fuel will increase by 50% over the next two decades.

  • "Softwoods", such as pine and fur, should only be burned outdoors. Softwoods do not burn as long as hardwoods and emit creosote, which can gum up your chimney.

  • Firewood is environmentally friendly because using it results in virtually no 'fossil' carbon dioxide being added to our present environment and thus helps minimize the effects of climate change as compared to using gas, oil or coal.

  • Firewood supply can create local and rural jobs, revenue, and can play a minor role in reversing rural economic decline.

  • Firewood is also a renewable resource and using it today will not prevent our children and grandchildren from using firewood in the future.